Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Love Watches, Earrings And Charms

Education is the best thing that everybody should possess. That is why I doubled my time in studying my lessons. When I graduated from a secondary course, I got the highest rank, the valedictorian or first honors. My mother was so happy and she gave me a gift. It was a comfortable, durable and nicely made wrist watch. I was so happy with her valuable gift to me. I love big, beautiful, high polished steel bracelets of watches. But for me different watches with varied designs and colors could be mine if I had already a permanent job.

I also love to wear earrings since I was young. But I have to pursue my dreams of finishing my studies. Soon, I could buy anything what I want in life. A pair of diamond earrings is what I wanted most. Diamond is rare and it’s my birthstone. How I wish I could buy it when time comes.

As of now I’m already get married with three lovely children. My long desire to wear an earring when I was a child is being remembered. But I choose to buy charms for my cute little kids. It is also fascinating and attractive to look at. Now, I have already sets of jewelries to treasure and wear every time the need arises.

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