Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kenny Chesney George Strait Diney on Ice

Summer was gone and we started with the cold season already. But even though it is cold outside, my friends are always asking me to go out and enjoy the day. Yesterday my friends bought disney on ice tickets. I am pretty sure we gonna like it. We also plan to get george strait tickets. My other friends mentioned also kenny chesney tickets but we did not decide yet. We plan first before we decide. How about you guys? If you are interested to buy tickets for kenny chesney, george strait and disney on ice tickets, check out online.

I Got Headache

I feel so weak today because I got headache since this morning maybe because I so stress at work. Then after my work I need to blog and finish my opportunities. I did not take medicine I just take some rest and then drink a lot of water. As of now I'm a little bit fine and of course I'm blogging now. Thanks to God that He hear my prayers and I'm okay now.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012